Taking full advantage of the spectacular sea to sky vista, Judith envisioned transforming this penthouse interior into a calm, inviting space while keeping in mind her clients’ emphasis on entertaining. Always wrapped in the view, her integrated electrical plan provides lighting that can set a soft and moody atmosphere or morph into a dramatic and energized setting.

Judith spends considerable time in a space, in essence, trying to view it as her client would. In this project, demolishing the existing space back to the structural columns called for a complete re-working of the floor plan. She also imagines a guest’s all-important first impression. The illuminated ceiling creates a centre of light that draws visitors into the entry. Accent lighting rhythmically highlights a dramatic painting, sculpture or architectural detail and arouses anticipation of more delights as the rooms unfold.

Judith is a lively communicator and involves clients in her creative process. She respects that it is ultimately your home.